New West Writers has published four anthologies since 1990.
Saving Seeds
Our Many Voices 
Life As We Know It
Network Gems

Saving Seeds, 2014

Saving Seeds ~ A collection of the New West Writers GroupNew West Writers stand out as one of the core groups of some of Metro Vancouver’s finest local talent of emerging and established poets, writers, and authors. This collection showcases an eclectic selection of poems and stories that invite the reader’s imagination to cross over landscapes, waterscapes, and wordscapes in the discovery of new worlds. Some stories will stay with you in the moment and some will stay with you long after you have put the book away.

Published by Valerie B.-Taylor on behalf of New West Writers.

Available for purchase at Renaissance Books, in New Westminster, or from any New West Writers member. $20


Valerie B.-Taylor, Julian Worker, David E. Burnell, Val Parks, Jennifer Ryan, Elaine Davies, Jayalath (Jay) Ameresekere, Joanne Betzler, Chloe Cocking, Sylina Wai Ping Choy, Mariam Zohra Durrani, Margaret Fairweather, Christine Grimard, Lana Hill, Ibrahim Honjo, Surjeet Kalsey, Antonia (Toni) Levi, Val Mossop, Tiberia Pacheco, Helga Parekh, Laura Parsons, Gomathy Puri, Lorna Fulsom Skelton, Donna Terrill, Tabatha Visutskie, Janene White, Fauzia Rafique


Our Many Voices, 2009

New West Writers has been in existence for 14 years. It is the ‘off-shoot’ of a series of teachings offered by Knowledge Network, with Professor Dr. Michelle Birch-Connery. The writers are diverse with most genres being represented – Murder/Mystery, Romance, Poetry, Travel, Memoir as well as Non Fiction. It is our sincere desire you enjoy the fruits of our writings.

Jay Ameresekere
Miriam Brownlow
Phil Folkard
Betty Greenwell
Emma Jones
Penny Long
Gordon Marx
Helene L. Miller
John Orme
Val Parks
Sylina Wai Ping Choy
Gisli Stefansson
Tabatha Visutskie
Julian Worker

To order your copy of ‘Our Many Voices’:
Email New West Writers at:
Also available at:
Renaissance Books Store
43-6th Street
New Westminster, BC V3L 2Z1
(Columbia Skytrain Station)
Phone: (604) 525-4566
Website: Renaissance Bookstore, Location


Life As We Know It

New West Writers, New Westminster BC 2000

Out of print.

Network Gems
Published by New West Writers in the Early 1990s

Out of print.

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  1. Hi Tabatha,

    How nice to see your sweet face smiling back at me, when I was looking for your poem entitled Volunteers.

    Could you please email me a copy of this wonderful writing?



    P.S. I’m your neighbour on Ninth Street. I see you often walking Freda.


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