Mariam Zohra-Durrani

‘… hers is a talent that must be cherished, nurtured and valued
Marlene Nourbese Philips


Mariam is a poet who likes to sing some of her poems; an artist who likes to paint some of her poetry. Each of her expressions complement the other while she writes poetry, composes music and creates art in her everyday life. She has been arranging thought and feeling into words, shapes and tunes from since she could write.

Her first collection of poetry ‘Not to Understand’ (Diva Publications, Toronto 1990) was published when she was 14. Now out of print, the collection offered her poems from age seven. It was followed by poetry printed in Toronto’s Fireweed Magazine, and in ‘Transitions’ a textbook produced for Grade 10 students by Peel Board of Education.

She also worked with Theatre In The Rough, a youth drama collective, where as part of the team, she developed and performed drama at different locations in Toronto.

In 1995, Mariam moved from Toronto to Vancouver, and focused on philosophy, hand-drumming, painting, and on composing her poetry into songs.

Now she is compiling the second collection of her poems while working as a music publisher and a book designer. She presents her poems at Hogan’s Alley and Twisted Poets in Vancouver, and at New West Writers, Poetic Justice and Rennaisance Books in New Westminister.

Mariam is a founding member of a multi-disciplinary reading and presentation group called Surrey Muse, and she is the Secretary of the Board of it’s Directors.

Link to Mariam’s poetry blog:

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