In 2015, New Westminster’s first writers’ critique group, New West Writers, celebrated their 25th year. Founded in about 1990, New West Writers is a “spin off” group inspired by a series of creative writing sessions taught by Knowledge Network in 1987.

Today New West Writers stand out as one of the core groups of some of Metro Vancouver’s finest local talent of emerging and established poets, writers and authors. Saving Seeds – A Collection by New West Writers showcases an eclectic selection of poems and stories that invite the reader’s imagination to cross over landscapes, waterscapes and wordscapes in the discovery of new worlds.

New West Writers has supported its members with opportunities to develop their work in monthly meetings, and to publish it in anthologies, of which the group has published four.

The Group has published four anthologies. The first came out in the early 90s, the second in the late 90s,  the third appeared in 2009 and the fourth, Saving Seeds, was launched September 20, 2014.

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NWW Executive


President: Julian Worker

Vice-President: Christine Grimard

Treasurer: Louise Brecht

Secretary: Betty Sinclair

Webmaster: Patrick Jennings

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I have been searching for writers group to join but had no luck. I finally came across your page and would love to be a part as I am an amateur writer and would appreciate guidance.


  2. Hey
    I am glad there exists a group of writers here in New Westminster.
    I would like to join in as I am an amateur poet and want to publish my poems by joining your group.


  3. Valerie my love, I am so sorry you are gone. Hoping someone will write a piece about you here. Such a joy to have known you!


  4. I write on those days that story is so strong, my higher self escapes and hovers above me like a puppeteer moving my body with invisible strings, rods, and wires. Seat in chair, elbows on desk, fingers on keyboard, a puppet operated by unseen powers.
    It is in that moment, that very moment, when my mind, spirit, and body converge that I know I am a writer. When story moves through me; when story translates through text onto paper another voice unheard.
    V. B.- Taylor


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