Jay Ameresekere

Jayalath (Jay) Ameresekere BA (Cey) MTP (Aus) was born in Sri Lanka. He began writing short stories about ten years back and most of them were published in the Sri Lanka Daily, the Daily News Creative Writing page. His stories are based on his experiences as a schoolboy and as a professional.

Three of his short stories appear in ‘Our Many Voices’ the Anthology published by the New West Writers in April 2009.

Jay was a teacher for a few years after graduation but later entered the Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS). During his 23 year career in the SLAS, he had the opportunity of visiting several countries including Sweden, the Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Japan, Indonesia and India. He also functioned as a Diplomatic Officer in Singapore for 5 years and spent 3 years in Australia where he completed a Master’s degree.

He now lives in Vancouver.

Contact Jay Ameresekere at: myanmari@hotmail.com

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