Fauzia Rafique

Fauzia Zohra Rafique is a South Asian Canadian writer of fiction and poetry. Her English and Punjabi writings have been published in Canada, Pakistan, and on the Web. Print titles include a poetry chapbook ‘Passion Fruit/Tahnget Phal’ (Uddari Books, Surrey 2011), novel ‘Skeena’ (Libros Libertad, Surrey 2011), ‘Skeena’ in Punjabi Gurumukhi (Libros Libertad, Surrey 2011), and in Punjabi Shahmukhi (Sanjh Publications, Lahore 2007). She had earlier published an anthology ‘Aurat Durbar, Writings of Women of South Asian Origin’ from Toronto (Sumach Press, 1995).

Libros Libertad, 2011

Reviews and updates on ‘Skeena’

Order ‘Skeena’ in English or Punjabi at:

Cover art, Ahmad Zoay

Fauzia worked as a Screenwriter for Pakistan Television, and adapted the first novel of Fyodor Dostoevsky titled ‘Poor Folk’ (1846) in Punjabi as ‘Apay Ranjha Hoi’ (14 Episodes, 55 minutes each, PTV Lahore 1976), and Altaf Fatima’s Urdu novel ‘Dastak Na Do’ (13 Episodes, 25 minutes each, PTV Lahore, 1975). She also wrote an original play on the profile of a Rag Picker (55 minutes, PTV Quetta, 1985).

For more information visit her online profile:
Uddari Weblog

Contact Fauzia
Email: uddari@live.ca
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fauzia.zohra.rafique
Blog: Uddari Weblog

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