Patrick Jennings

Patrick Jennings
Patrick Jennings

I am often happiest in the quiet moments of writing between bouts of movement, exploration and observation. Travel through foreign lands where I can be among the people of different cultures, once provided the bulk of my inspiration. Now, I find reason to write through internal movement, exploring myself, observing my own emotions and expectations, and how they are changing. My newest blog, Pix to Words, in which I use my own photographs as writing prompts, exemplifies this new writing path well.

This is the archive of all my posts on New West Writers .

Published Works

Travelers’ Tales China: True Stories ~ In which my short story, The Wheat was Ripe and it was Sunday appears.

Prisoners ~ A play written and produced for the 2000 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

She Said ~ Submitted to a call for writing, Judy Price wove this short story into Weighting to get in, a play Penniless Productions produced for the 1998 Vancouver Fringe Festival


Pix to Words ~ Melding my passions for photography and writing, I find inspiration for creating in one passion from creations in the other.

God Beauty Perfection Love :: Synonyms ~ Where I write thematically about these synonyms and how we tend to use them in similar ways to describe what awes us, whether we believe in God, or not.

My Muse: Movies Music and Books ~ My writing is often inspired by these arts.

Mind the Dao ~ Where I am inspired by Daoism, and that beautiful tome on the art of living, The Dao de Jing.

Nomadic Spirit: the eJournal ~ My first foray onto the web was this travelogue initiated in the summer of ’95. It chronicles my travels through Australia, Asia, Europe and North America from 1994 through 1998. The eJournal was a blog long before the internet knew what to call it.

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