NWW Photo Prompt ~ Long Lasting Fruit Flavour

Welcome to the September 1st, 2015 edition of the NWW Photo Prompt!

The New West Writers Photo Prompt is a twice-monthly challenge for writers of all genres. It’s easy to participate — and we encourage everyone to do so. Just spend a moment with the image below and write whatever comes to mind. A couple of lines, or a couple thousand words. Prose, non-fiction, poetry, even a six word story, if you like.

Long Lasting Fruit Flavour
Long Lasting Fruit Flavour

There are no winners (we’re all writers sharing our words) and no rules. Well, one — be respectful with your words.

You can announce your post with a link in a comment below, or if you link to this page from your post, we’ll publish the trackback link in the comment section of this page. Add an “nww photo prompt” tag to your post and we’ll also provide a link to your response in the next challenge. This post outlines these few simple steps.

To get you going, one of our writing group’s members will have the first go at the prompt. Base your post on theirs or go a completely different way.

Long Lasting Fruit Flavour
by Jen Ryan


and if we’d never met
we wouldn’t have this

these arms, this hat
this table, these years

how silly that I would never have thought to
how silly that you did
how silly that the world brought us together

from this corner and that
in a way that can’t make sense

but it all comes together
in one perfect mess

if we didn’t have this
we would never have met

and if we’d never met
we wouldn’t have this

Happy writing!

Near and Far
Near and Far

Here are the posts written in response to the August 15th NWW Photo Prompt:

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In stillness, I find the now, by Patrick Jennings
Near and Far, by Val Mossop
Canada, Everything, by Jes Jessie

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