You can catch me

The Pineapple Man
The Pineapple Man
Run, walk, as slow as you can
You can catch me
I’m only the Pineapple Man

Posted in response to Jen Ryan’s September 1st edition of the New West Writers Photo Prompt.

Ocior! Ocior! Ocior!

Picture It and Write!This post is a response to Ermilia Blog’s weekly Picture it & Write! challenge. The blog mistresses provide an image (this week’s is to the right). You write a very short story or poem using the image as a prompt.

OK, so this is not a very short story. In fact, it’s become a #longreads, over 1,500 words. Ooops! But, sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow of the words. ;)

Oh, and I’ve set the Workshop category, so please, critique away in your ruthlessly gentle ways! :)