NWW Photo Prompt ~ Dimples

Welcome back to the NWW Photo Prompt!

The New West Writers Photo Prompt is a twice-monthly challenge for writers of all genres. It’s easy to participate — and we encourage everyone to do so. Just spend a moment with the image below and write whatever comes to mind. A couple of lines, or a couple thousand words. Prose, non-fiction, poetry, even a six word story, if you like.

Photo by Jo Martinez
There are no winners (we’re all writers sharing our words) and no rules. Well, one — be respectful with your words.

You can announce your post with a link in a comment below, or if you link to this page from your post, we’ll publish the trackback link in the comment section of this page. Add an “nww photo prompt” tag to your post and we’ll also provide a link to your response in the next challenge. This post outlines these few simple steps.

To get you going, one of our writing group’s members will have the first go at the prompt. Base your post on theirs or go a completely different way.

by Chloe Cocking

The dimples near the end of her spine drew his eye. He noticed the scar nearby—a surgical incision, surely. She felt his eyes on her, and drew her robe up and over her shoulders. She glanced at him, hostile, frowning. His face flamed and he shuffled to the side so his easel hid him. He studied his hands, knotted with work and years, holding a piece of charcoal.

Happy writing!

Dancing with Vertigo
Dancing with Vertigo
Here are the posts written in response to the July 1st NWW Photo Prompt:

Dancing With Vertigo
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How is dancing a symbol in dream interpretation?

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