Elaine Davies


Elaine Davies
Interests: too many for one lifetime

On New Westminster: The River there was always the River…

On Writing: “I always seemed to have a pen in my hand, it was a natural transition to put my thoughts in a more coherent form:

Cohesion (linguistics), the linguistic elements that make a discourse semantically coherent co•her•ent ( adjective) 1. logically connected; consistent:

Here is where it starts, drill it down and down, the challenge is cohesion and coherent.

I have been writing for years, mostly to myself, so that I might better understand my relationship to life. However I haven’t been too critical of my writing, I really never felt the need. Until, I joined New West Writers. I realized it was time to “up the game”.

I love to delve into the possibilities that lie hidden, slightly underneath what we accept to be our experience in the here and now. There is only one place I can go to bring this out, the depths of myself, and that is what I share.

A first for me a poem from a dream that I had, makes sense to me I am not from here……


Adrift in a cosmic sea
Far far from home
Feeling lost and alone
A fish out of water
A distant star home.

Deep in the milky way
One of four Royal Stars
Bright heavenly body
Hung from the heavens
In solar lumininosity

A traveller inward
Is the only way back
Quantum leap
Mysterious shroud
Dimensions unknown.

Imagination the key
Poised for the jump
Enigma disguised
How do I get there?
I’ve forgotten for now.

Release this past memory
Of a time long forgotten
Brings peace to my being
For of this I am certain
It was but not is

Take hold of the present
Set my sights on new shores
Not beaches and continents
But Planetary exploring
In a universe expanding

Let go of my comfort
Embrace my discomfort
Of parrellel universes
Step in the unknown
A traveller true

For this is the spirit
Of Antares at last
To seek unfound shores
With Antares in heart
Truest comfort of home.

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