This Strange Sky

By Val Parks

This strange sky…
The moon eclipsed,
Its corona
Of pale orange light
Appears dust filled.

So primitive man
saw an angry god,
and so instilled with guilt,
He fell upon his knees
And wept, and prayed.

The blackened orb
Gave way to silver light,
And so confirmed his guilt
And his redemption.

‘Tears Fall’ by Tabatha Visutskie

Your tears fall within seconds
What is the emotion now?
Desert storms create hallucinations
Sacred land
Knowledge from the laws
Greater wisdom comes from life
Why repeat what has been repeated
Old and new tell the story
Tragedy or destiny
Born to inspire
One to speak
As light enters
Waste not your existence
Suffering is self inflicted
Pain is transparent
Be forgiven
Drop what destroys you
Let healing in
Take your gloves off
Give blood to your veins
Uneasy energy
Are your tears for nothing?
Or do they cry for peace?
A warrior weeps
Then comes the calm

November 4. 2009